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Acquire Value and Craftsmanship from Klaussner Home Furnishings

Over the span of the last five decades, Klaussner Home Furnishings has succeeded in bringing value-driven furniture to customers everywhere, while remaining thoroughly America. Based in Asheboro, North Carolina, the company utilizes its own state-of-the-art inventory, manufacturing and shipping capabilities to deliver its exceptional product lines more expediently and efficiently than anyone in the North American furniture industry. Distinguished for fabric and leather sofas, as well as its bedroom and dining room collections, Klaussner continues to innovate and please its customers all around the globe.

Klaussner Makes a Bold Statement in Your Living Room

Decorate your home living room with a Klaussner leather sofa and your guests will know it. Your existing living room may have some style; but with a Klaussner creation, you can get a sofa with accented back wings and ultra-comfortable fiber cushions. Should you desire an ottoman that’s equally luxurious and stately, Klaussner Home Furnishings do not disappoint. To create a living room that’s distinctive and stylish is a rather simple process, aided by this best-in-class furniture brand.

Go Classic or Contemporary with a Klaussner Bedroom Set

When you wake up in a Klaussner styled bedroom, you immediately adopt the lifestyle you want for yourself. It’s the freshness and softness of a Klaussner king or queen size bedroom set that makes this a reality—characterized by their contemporary and Old World designs and matching headboards. Because of this craftsmanship, any Klaussner bedroom collection is guaranteed to endure the passage of the ages, along with the usual wear-and-tear of everyday domestic living. Perhaps the best part: they respect you by respecting your budget.

Klaussner Home Furnishings Blossom Inside Dining Rooms

Now imagine how much the atmosphere of your next social gathering will blossom, bolstered by one of Klaussner Home Furnishings’ finest dining room collections. It may be the rose gold of its finish, or the undeniable elegance of its edges, but a Klaussner dining room table sets the mood almost effortlessly—inspiring an evening that you and your guests won’t so easily forget. Seated around a Klaussner dining room set—the oak veneer of the server always in sight—you will be a host to be remembered for decades to come.

Get acquainted with the excellence of Klaussner Home Furnishings by visiting the Compass Furniture store near Jefferson, LA.

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